“You can't call yourself a petrol-head
until you have owned an Alfa!”




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M Y   S P I D E R

WOAW! - I thought the first time I saw it for the first time back in 1995 - THAT'S THE CAR I WANT! It took me a couple of years to get one, but when I finally got over to the dealer and sat in my Spider for the first time, I thought it was the coolest and most sexy toy I had ever laid my hands on!

Alfa Spider w/ Azev E 17" wheelsIt stood there all bright and shiny, and the interior was smelling like a thousand Italian cows - good that was :-) The exceptionally beautiful Pininfarina design was painted in titan silver-gray metallic, - and to top it off, I had ordered the complete "Lusso" treatment, - air-con, Momo leather seats and the "blue style" package interior with colour matching electric roof. The wheels was 17" Azev "E" rims fitted with Dunlop SP8000 245/35 tyres. It was truly love at first sight! 

Later I had to replace one of my rims due to poor Norwegian roads. It seemed difficult to get hold of just one of the Azev rims, so I decided to go all the way! 4 new 18" Zender Siena rims especially made for Alfa, fitted with Nokian NRZi 225/40 was ordered. Woaw... it looked spectacular and the Nokian handled somewhat better than the old Dunlop.

I found that the Sienas left too much space in the back wheel archers, so I added 10mm spacers on both sides and it looked perfect! I also lowered it about 30mm with the Eibach Pro-kit sport springs. Combined with the 225/40/18 wheels, it handled way better than before, - although it suffered a bit in comfort on sharp bumps. Guess you can't have it both ways...

The GTV/Spider has an exceptional design, so don't go and overdo it in the styling department. A couple of things that it definitely deserves though, is the aforementioned 30mm lowering combined with 18" wheels. Other details is replacing the standard orange - and pretty cheap looking - side indicators with white ones. I also had the side mirrors painted. They originally come in matte black, probably to fit with the black windscreen frame. The GTV mirrors are painted though.

The standard sound system is absolutely shit and had to be replaced! I bought the Sony CD/radio CDX-L400X with a silver and red front, - matching both the silver mid-consol and the red hazard button above the slot perfectly. Together with an 800W amp, it delivered open road music through a new set of full-tone speakers + tweeters, - and a real sub-woofer (not the extremely poor sub originally fitted). All in the Xplod-series from Sony.

Although my relationship with the Spider had to come to an end in favour for an Alfa 156 GTA, I still believe the GTV/Spider is a great looker...