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S T Y L I N G   &   T U N I N G

There are lots of styling stuff to give your GTV/Spider a personal touch. Ski racks, baggage racks, hardtop, gear knobs, side skirts, spoilers etc. However, most of this should be applied with the utmost care! The Spider has an exceptional design, - don't go over the top and ruin it! If you ask me, the only thing the Spider really needs is a set of other wheels than the ones originally fitted. And maybe a 30 mm lowering. The German Eibach Pro-Kit sport springs will provide a 30mm lowering, and still give pretty good ride comfort. The white side indicator also looks nice and can be obtained from Zender. For a full list of what's available - in Germany anyway - check tuning.alfisti.net

Spider lowered 60(?) mm When it comes to tuning, Zender, Novitec or Hörmann in Germany will be able to give your Spider or GTV a boost. Also check German A.H. Tuning for Alfa specs on chip tuning.

I'm definitely no expert on this, but what I DO know, is that you should always check with professionals before you go and do serious alterations to your GTV/Spider -  or any other car for that matter...

Chip tuning: You will get about 10% increase in power. For instance a 1999 2.0 TS GTV/Spider 155bhp/114kw engine would with chip tuning be increased to 170bhp/126kw. According to AH Tuning in Germany, top speed will then be around 225 km/h. I always thought this would give an increase in fuel consumption, but (again according to AH Tuning), this is not the case at all.

GTV/Spider 2.0 TS

fuel con. original chip

fuel con. chip tuning

90 km/h

6.6 l/100 km

6.2 l/100 km

120 km/h

8.8 l/100 km

8.1 l/100 km

City driving

12.4 l/100 km

11.5 l/100 km

Kompressor tuning: An excellent alternative to give the engine a boost. The compressor  will add more power for less money pr. hp. Cost around € 4.000-4.500,- in Germany. Guess mounting is added. Below is the Novitec boost list.

GTV/Spider 2.0 16V

114KW / 155hp
160KW / 218hp
Speed: 244 km/h
0-100 6,2 sec.

GTV/Spider 2.0 16V

110KW / 150hp
153KW / 208hp
speed 231 km/h
0-100 6,6 sec.

GTV/Spider 3.0 V6 24V
224KW / 305hp
speed: ??

Be aware that any guarantee you might have on your car is probably no longer valid. For the hardcore AlfistA, there are also t-shirts, jackets, sunglasses, watches etc. available. Check the Alfa Romeo Store or the German Alfa Shop

Spider styling by Zender
...a bit too much?

Alfa Romeo Spider - Zender tuning style


Alfa Romeo Spider - Zender tuning style


Alfa Romeo Spider - Zender tuning style

Alfa Spider w/hardtop